Twisted Distortion.

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Curiosity often gets the best of me, but better to know than to wonder I say. A quiet but charismatic Cancer, im every aspect of my zodiac sign. Lover of the arts, I dabble in a few diff types myself. Reading is life.
I could've written more about myself, but I'd rather you ask me yourself...its more exciting to do so :).

Jhene Aiko ‘The Pressure’
&. Yes Thats Me In The Video…I always get asked that question lol.

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I be fucking the shit out of you in my head.

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in some alley behind my house

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Mount Laguna - California - USA (von slworking2)

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Morning Already?..

Its 7:50am,…I should be thinking about eating breakfast right now, instead of eating pussy…Is that bad or nah?

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More pictures here



Can’t stop won’t stop

The caption..

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me and my crew at the party judging you

It’s so perfect I want to cry.

Michael: Girl…. really?

Liz: Now girl you know better…..

Oprah: This bitch just tried it.

Oprah’s face is icon worthy.

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